your scent.
your scent.

Unleash your inner scent designer and create your signature perfume

Our 5 Scent Personality Types

Each personality has their own distinct scent style. Find out yours and the scents that suit you best.

The Authentic


For you, nothing is greater than respecting life’s values and being genuine. In this superficial world, you find beauty in the flaws and imperfections that make each one of us unique.

Your Scent Style




Long Lasting

The Social Enthusiast


You live your life with purpose and dedication. You put much greater emphasis on what really matters to you, selflessly care for others and defend the causes you believe in.

Your Scent Style





The Free spirit

Open Minded

Your fun-loving spirit and infectious energy lights up any room. You are an innovator, you push the boundaries and break free. Life is one big adventure and you make the most of it.

Your Scent Style





The Extraordinary


You truly understand the secret to success. In a highly competitive environment, you are born to lead and pave the way with charisma and embrace the value of hard work and determination.

Your Scent Style





The connoisseur


Your discerning palate and refined culture make you an individual of taste, luxury and wisdom. You confidently believe that you are what you wear and own your distinct style.

Your Scent Style





(Based on your values in life)

Our 5 personalities are inspired by the Schwartz Model.



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Putting our customers at the center of their perfume creation process - one individual at a time.
Fun and interactive quiz. Used to struggled with explaining the types of scent that I love, or what I want as my signature perfume. But through the quiz, it gave me a clear understanding of what I am looking out for, as well as the fragrances that best suit me.
sam zhuo
The authentic
Took me less than 2 minutes to finish the quiz. Quick and efficient! I love the part where I get to choose my scent family and the strength of the perfume. The results helped me discover my scent personality and gave me a better understanding of my own scent preferences.
Ally tan
Very accurate. The questions asked in the quiz are very relevant, and it correctly points me to the right ingredients that I think suit me the most. With my quiz results, shopping for a perfume that smells like something I love is so much easier now compared to any other experiences I've had in a perfume shop.
Mohd Afiq
The Social Enthusiast

Frequently Asked Questions

Perfume Finder Quiz: Discover Your Signature Scent

Bespoke. Unique. Tailor-made from start to finish. Maison 21G fragrances provide the perfect antidote to the standardised, mass-produced, and off-the-peg perfumes we’ve all grown tired of, and your journey to discovering your signature scent begins with our innovative perfume quiz.

Since our maison’s founder Johanna Monange first envisioned a haute parfumerie brand designed to bring bespoke scents to the public, we’ve worked hard to establish a deep-diving and next-generation method for identifying the perfect perfumes for our clientele. The result, after years of fine-tuning and experimentation, is a perfume personality quiz that combines the precision of AI with the expertise of some of the industry’s finest perfume professionals.

By bringing trained noses alongside our meticulous algorithm, we’re able to pinpoint the scent pairing that showcases your personality through the evocative power of perfume. All it takes is a couple of minutes of your time to uncover the fragrance which reflects the inner you… a step which will lead to a bespoke perfume you can cherish.

How to Choose The Right Perfume for your Personality

The chances are, you’ve already got some kind of idea of which perfumes fit your personality. Our sense of smell is a powerfully evocative aspect of who we are - we’re all attracted to certain fragrance types, and we generally know, often with a flash of emotion or nostalgia, when we come across a perfume which is just right for ourselves and our desires.

For example, if you’re an outgoing and confident individual, it’s likely you are drawn to perfumes with a sparkling and vibrant character. You may be drawn to deeper, more intense, and sensual base notes - not least if you’re seeking a signature perfume which heightens your seductive power. You may also be looking for a perfume which suits your professional life, or which is ideal for daytime wear, or that reflects your individual fashion style. Perfume, at its best, is so much more than a mere accessory; it’s an extension of your inner self, and a potent method for expressing what the eye cannot see.

Our fragrance finder quiz takes all of this into consideration, and more besides. We’ll get to the heart of what makes you tick, which scent families strike the strongest chord within you, and will also look at your favourite current perfumes from all of the major brands to seek out the information our algorithm requires. The results may be exactly as you predict, or they may reveal something surprising you may not have expected… but rest assured, there’s always a good reason for the choices our find your signature scent quiz unveils!

Things to Know About Our Bespoke Perfume Quiz

The Maison 21G perfume personality quiz has been designed with one key mission in mind: to match our community of fragrance lovers with the scent of their soul, and to demonstrate - with our signature Parisian flair - that bespoke perfumes are within the reach of all who wish to wear them.

Our exquisite range of 34 haute couture perfume essences, two of which you’ll be matched with via our find your signature scent quiz, are carefully designed to be completely compatible and pairable with one another. As such, no matter which pairing the algorithm selects, you can rest assured that they’ll be stunningly harmonised with one another, bringing out the best in each other’s subtleties and delicate layers of fragrance.

Naturally, here at Maison 21G, quality and distinction informs everything that we do. As such, each and every one of our perfume essences is guaranteed natural, vegan, and made with sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients. With no GMOs, CMR substances, or phthalates, we’re changing the perfume industry one eco-conscious step at a time. By letting our perfume quiz seek out the scent of your soul, you’re playing your role in a bonafide perfume revolution, too.

How Does Our Perfume Quiz Work?

Artificial Intelligence is a wonderful tool, but it will only ever take you so far when the subject you’re dealing with is a sensory one, and one deeply connected to individual emotions, desires, memories, and wishes. As such, we’ve created a perfume finder quiz that brings together the power of AI with the personal touch of perfumery expertise, and your all-important input, too.

Together, we’ve been able to craft a system which opens the door to your signature scent discovery, but which can be tweaked, edited, and tailored to your individual needs and requirements. After all, customisation and personalisation is what we do best here at Maison 21G, and we believe that you deserve nothing less than a perfume that fits you like a glove.