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why maison 21g?

Maison means “Home” in French. 21G refers to the weight of our soul - exactly 21 grams. Put them together and we become the home of fine perfumes, empowering each individual to design a bottle of perfume that reflects their unique personalities. A perfume made by You, for You.

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A tool of seduction and confidence throughout key moments of your life, and the essence of your soul, said to weigh exactly 21 grams.

As such, we believe at Maison 21G that the scent of your soul should be unique as you are. We curate the best natural essences and we share our creative knowledge with you to encapsulate the scent of your soul, which weighs 21 grams.

Our unique points of differentiation

Giving you access to natural, potent and high-quality perfume essence... and complete freedom to express your unique scent style.
Our AI-Powered app will guide you in your creation, harmonising your personality to your favourite scents.
All our perfumes contain 21% perfume concentrate - one of the highest in the industry. 100% cruelty-free, no preservatives, GMO, CRM, phthalates, or paraffin.
All scents designed around iconic natural ingredients, and can be blended in any combination to stand out from the crowd.

our commitment

To High Quality

All our eau de parfum contain 21% of perfume concentrate – the highest in the industry.

To Your Personality

You decide which essences go in your perfume and how you want to personalise the bottle.

To The Planet

We use only vegan and sustainably-sourced natural ingredients and reusable packaging with no plastic.

To Your Health

Thanks to the high level of natural oils, our perfumes offer health benefits for body and soul.



Our Founder

Maison 21G, created in 2020, arose from Johanna Monange’s passion and 20 years of experience working alongside renowned brands and perfumers as a scent designer and a creative director in Paris, New York, Beijing, and Singapore. She has played a vital role in the creation of worldwide bestsellers, including La Vie est Belle by Lancôme, One Million by Paco Rabane, and Aqua di Gioia by Armani.

She was exhausted from watching this beautiful industry losing its soul and settling for one-size-fits-all scents, with less and less quality and character across the board. So for the first time in perfumery, she decided to break convention by putting you in direct contact with Haute Couture natural essences.

Johanna aspires to find the right scent for each individual, uniquely suited to their personality: a fragrance that enables them to fulfil all their intimate desires in life. You are now empowered to blend your very own perfume, using only clean, vegan and sustainable products, healthy for your skin and mood. All the bottles are also refillable and their packagings are plastic free.

World renowned master perfumers

Partnering with the most acclaimed French and international ‘Noses’ from IFF, Maison 21G Paris takes flawless natural ingredients compositions, weaving them into rare scents accessible to all.

Born in extraordinary lands and imbued with passion, our outstanding 35 perfume essences are the result of the craftsmanship of highly creative French master perfumers Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo, Nicolas Beaulieu, Juliette Kareuglouzou, Florent Di Marino, Avinash Mali, and Pascal Gaurin. Finesse, precision, elegance and singularity have given life to Haute Couture compositions for you to blend. Guided by our Maison scent expertise and smart AI, you are enabled and invited to pair these divine essences to bring each of your olfactive desires to life.

Bespoke perfumery scent discovery box
Bespoke perfumery scent discovery box

Meet Our Team

Who we are

Maison 21G Paris' origins begin with a visionary creative: Johanna Monange, a fearless businesswoman who crossed her paths with her fellow adventurous, passionate, and entrepreneurial French compatriots, Maxime, Dylan, Ghita, & Zoé. Promptly joined by some of the finest international experts the industry has to offer, this inclusive and diverse team has refined the perfect bespoke olfactive journey.

Our Values

Just like a fine perfume, a company culture is a multi-layered phenomenon; one which constantly evolves to face up to new challenges. The culture and values which sit at the heart of Maison 21G Paris do more than catalyse our development, and they go beyond mere words and ideals. They provide our Maison with a foundation from which to grow, and they lay out a reliable path on which to walk, progress, and innovate. Today, we have defined together our 10 cores values:

Constant learning, Inclusion, Transparency, Courage, Determination, Customer and Team Happiness, Respect for Nature, Innovation, Excellence and Collaboration are our 10 core values we breathe everyday.

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If perfumery talks excite you, we want you in our team. Set free your passion and join us in our bespoke perfumery revolution.

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