Workshop Overview

The world of perfume is an evocative and complex one, filled with precious ingredients, time-honoured secrets, and techniques and artistry which have evolved across the centuries. At our Advanced Atelier workshop, you’ll be invited to explore the art of the perfumer on a deeper, more involved, and highly rewarding level.

You will dive deeply into each of the iconic scent families and subfamilies - Floral, Woody, Aromatic, Oriental, Gourmand, Marine, Spicy, and Musky - and we’ll look closely at how the scents harmonise and contrast to become far more than the sum of their parts. Emboldened by your discoveries, you will learn the difference between natural and synthetic ingredients and how bringing out the best in one another, they create a unique perfume.

Finally, you will have an olfactive test at the end of the session to measure your newfound skills.

You will leave the workshop with 2 pure natural oils of your choice from our luxurious natural collection. If you have chosen the full expert creative package at 300SGD, you will also take home the iconic Scent discovery set of Maison21G Paris (34 scents of each family) to continue to train your nose at home.


  • Discover
    Explore the history of perfumery and discover how the 7 iconic perfume families were created.
  • Explore
    Dive deeper into each family by smelling their Haute Couture natural essences and iconic captive molecules.
  • Understand
    Discover the difference between a perfume composition made by a nose and its raw ingredients, both natural and synthetic.
  • Master
    Learn the techniques used by master perfumers to memorize and identify the benefit of each ingredient when blending a perfume. Measure your new level with a blind test.


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What You’ll get

Group of 10 max

2 pure and natural oils of your choice

Interactive experience

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Extra Discovery Box

Free-flow Prosecco

Bottle of Champagne Ruinart

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Due to Covid-19 safety measures, a maximum of 10 pax will be entertained at a time for all workshops.

Create your own scent


Uncover the rich history of perfume and learn the hidden secrets of perfume creation.


Unleash your scent personality and define the purpose of your signature scent.


Explore our exclusive range of 35 essences and select your precious ingredients.


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